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About Helldivers Hub

Helldivers Hub is a project created by Damiascus. With new Stratagems, Weapons, Missions, Armor Types, etc. being released frequently, the immediate goal for this project is for people to create, manage, share, and view loadouts aimed towards conquering the most difficult situations.

The long-term goal is for Helldivers Hub to become a place where all users, experienced or new, can come to either use the built-in tools to further enhance their gameplay, or to read more about the intricacies and information surrounding all the various moving parts of the game.

If you come across any errors or bugs while using the website, please reach out to me via my handle "damiascus" on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord. If possible, any screenshots or details surrounding the bug will make it much easier for me to troubleshoot.

If you would like to support me at any capacity, feel free to buy me a coffee. I will most likely use any donations to actually buy coffee (lol).


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